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ADHD Evaluation Across the Lifespan

Our ADHD experts in Philadelphia with Renewing Mindsets offer thorough evaluations leading to reduced restlessness and improved concentration.

While attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is often first recognized and diagnosed in childhood, research indicates it persists into adulthood for an estimated 30-50% of individuals with childhood ADHD and is increasingly being newly diagnosed in adults as well. This underscores the importance of specialized expertise in conducting comprehensive ADHD evaluations not just for children and teenagers, but people of all ages.

At Renewing Mindsets, their team has extensive experience evaluating ADHD and co-occurring conditions across the entire lifespan from preschool through geriatric populations. Our team collectively hold decades of healthcare experience, including dedicated time spent in evaluating patients for ADHD. They keep up with the latest research allowing for nuanced understanding of changes that may occur in ADHD presentation, impacts, and appropriate treatments as individuals mature through different developmental stages and life contexts.

Due to cognitive and psychosocial changes associated with aging, older adults seeking ADHD evaluation may initially present with difficulties managing tasks like finances, health maintenance, medication management, or independent living - rather than overt problems with focus, hyperactivity or impulsivity. However, the skilled clinicians at Renewing Mindsets are specifically trained to recognize how underlying inattentiveness, disorganization or executive dysfunction consistent with adult ADHD may be contributing to impairments and reduced quality of life.

Their comprehensive assessment approach considers not just current symptoms and day-to-day challenges, but also developmental history which remains highly relevant even for those newly diagnosed later in life. Careful review of school records from childhood and interviews with family members help paint a full picture of longstanding attentional issues and functioning often dating back to early educational struggles. Although ADHD symptoms may wax and wane or change form over the lifespan according to life circumstances and natural maturation, impairment over time remains key to diagnosis.

Individualized treatment similarly evolves through all stages of life according to specific needs and priorities. Medication management when clinically indicated, psychotherapy, coaching and case management services holistically address each patient's goals whether that be managing job responsibilities, parenting young children, coping with empty nesting, or enjoying a meaningful retirement. The specialists at Renewing Mindsets are uniquely equipped to guide people of all ages on their journey of understanding and effectively self-managing ADHD.

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