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ADHD Stimulant vs. Nonstimulant : Navigating Choices in Philadelphia

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Targeted ADHD treatment starts with science-based testing. Our Philadelphia specialists' evaluations inform personalized care.

Navigating ADHD Medication Options: Finding The Right Fit Through Careful Trials in Philadelphia and the Main Line

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a common neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by challenges with inattention, hyperactivity, impulsivity and disorganization. While therapy and skills training can help manage symptoms, many individuals may benefit from medication to adequately address ADHD impairments. There are two main categories of medications used - stimulants and non-stimulants.

Stimulant medications may potentially provide robust and rapid relief but also may have a higher risk of side effects and potential for misuse. Non-stimulant medications tend to act more gradually with a lower potential for abuse but may not fully control symptoms for some. Finding the optimal ADHD medication involves carefully evaluating both stimulant and non-stimulant options through an informed trial process monitored by your medical provider.

The Importance of Comprehensive ADHD Testing

Thorough diagnostic testing should always precede medication trials to validate an ADHD diagnosis and identify any co-existing conditions. A comprehensive clinical assessment provides critical information to guide medication choices including:

  • Pinpointing specific ADHD symptom severity

  • Screening for comorbidities like anxiety, depression or learning disabilities

  • Determining cognitive strengths and weaknesses

  • Assessing substance abuse risks

  • Getting feedback on any past medication response

Armed with objective testing results, providers can make informed recommendations tailored to each patient’s profile and needs. This prevents months of frustrating medication trial-and-error.

What to Expect When Starting ADHD Medications

Once testing confirms an ADHD diagnosis, medication trials proceed with careful provider monitoring. Expect a gradual process of finding optimal dosing through tracking effectiveness and side effects. Lifestyle adjustments like sleep, exercise and therapy may further support medication benefits. Ongoing collaboration with your treatment team coupled with patience leads to success.

Finding Trusted Psychiatric Care in Philadelphia and the Main Line

Successfully navigating ADHD medications requires an experienced psychiatric provider. Look for these markers of excellence:

  • Specializes in ADHD with extensive diagnostic and medication management expertise

  • Orders scales and testing to objectively evaluate medication effectiveness

  • Explains options and collaborates with patients on care

  • Considers both medical and lifestyle approaches

  • Accepts insurance to reduce out-of-pocket expenses

Renewing Mindsets has skilled ADHD psychiatric providers and facilities in Philadelphia and the Main Line suburbs. Finding the right match provides the expertise to navigate ADHD medication options tailored to your needs.

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