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Comprehensive ADHD Evaluations and Treatment in Philadelphia, the Main Line and Online

Science-based ADHD testing in Philadelphia with Renewing Mindsets offering medication and coaching for better focus and outlook.

For women and people of all backgrounds seeking answers about ADHD symptoms in Philadelphia or the surrounding Main Line region, Renewing Mindsets provides a supportive path forward through expert comprehensive evaluations and individualized care. Led by Sharon B., PMHNP and a dedicated team of licensed mental healthcare professionals, Renewing Mindsets specializes in diagnosing and treating ADHD along with commonly co-occurring conditions like anxiety and depression.

With two convenient office locations in Center City Philadelphia and Newtown Square on the Main Line, Renewing Mindsets is readily accessible to serve individuals throughout the Philadelphia metro area and beyond. Their integrated treatment model seamlessly coordinates medical and therapeutic interventions customized for each patient's unique profile and life circumstances. Whether struggling with focus, restlessness, impulsivity, time management, or other executive functioning issues, Renewing Mindsets' compassionate specialists are here to help you understand ADHD and achieve wellness goals.

Thorough ADHD Evaluations & Diagnostic Process

A diagnosis is the first step towards effective ADHD treatment and support. Renewing Mindsets performs gold-standard comprehensive evaluations involving multi-method assessment from multiple reporters. This includes clinical interviews, rating scales from the patient, parents/partners, and teachers; cognitive/academic testing; and review of records when available to assemble a full developmental history.

The process aims to determine if diagnostic criteria are met and rule out alternative causes for symptoms. Patients feel heard through dedicated consultation time and insightful discussion of the results. This level of expertise ensures accurate diagnosis with targeted recommendations and accommodations tailored for each person.

Addressing Distinct Presentations in Females

Renewing Mindsets has extensive training recognizing gender differences in ADHD clinical profiles. Their evaluations consider subtler signs more common in females like chronic distractibility, disorganization, perfectionism and rumination. Clinicians thoroughly distinguish ADHD from related conditions to confirm symptoms persist across environments.

This thoughtful process has empowered countless women to gain validation and clarity when others dismissed issues. Renewing Mindsets addresses longstanding challenges adversely impacting independence, career, parenting and relationships so females can achieve their full potential.

ADHD Lifespan Expertise for Ages 2 to 82

Renewing Mindsets clinicians collectively hold decades of experience assessing ADHD at every stage of life. Due to psychosocial changes, evaluations for older adults investigate underlying executive dysfunction impacting independent living rather than childhood hyperactivity alone.

Renewing Mindsets incorporates developmental history and school records to fully contextualize impairments over time for those newly diagnosed later in life. Individualized treatment similarly evolves to manage job responsibilities, parenting, retirement and all life priorities at each stage of development.

Targeted Treatment Planning & Medication Management

Following diagnosis, Renewing Mindsets coordinates the most effective treatment approach according to needs and goals. Board-certified psychotherapist providers carefully monitor any prescribed stimulant or non-stimulant medications when clinically indicated.

They ensure optimal symptom control and quality of life through frequent monitoring of effectiveness and side effects. Meanwhile, licensed therapists train coping mechanisms and organization strategies through evidence-based psychotherapy tailored to address both ADHD and commonly co-occurring issues.

Renewing Mindsets holistically supports managing responsibilities and achieving dreams at every stage of life. This includes educational advocacy, workplace/academic accommodations, executive coaching, and developing skills necessary for independent thriving despite lifelong challenges. Convenient care and compassionate support empower patients to overcome obstacles and enhance well-being.

Genetic Testing to Enrich Diagnosis and Care

Renewing Mindsets is at the cutting-edge of incorporating genetic insights into their model. Through collaborative work with genetic counseling services, patients can access chromosomal microarray analysis and single-gene testing where clinically appropriate.

Results illuminate family histories and biological influences on symptom presentation and treatment needs versus parenting factors alone. This deeper understanding supports diagnosis, medication responses, family planning, and destigmatizes associated neurodiversity. Renewing Mindsets respectfully guides integration of such science with utmost care, expertise and benefit for self-understanding.

Lifelong Wellness Beyond the Diagnosis

Renewing Mindsets understands living well with any mental health concern demands ongoing development of resilience and management skills. Their team serves not just as diagnosticians but long term wellness partners. Post-diagnostic resources assist cultivating independence, organization proficiency and stress coping abilities through coaching, workshops and optional adjuvant therapy.

Patients find acceptance, competence and community - graduating as valued participants in their own healthcare journeys instead of recurring "clients." Renewing Mindsets leads the way for integrated and empathetic neurodiverse care ensuring no one faces challenges alone as life circumstances evolve. Wellness without walls forms the ultimate exemplary goal.

For compassionate and accurate ADHD evaluations, psychiatric medication management, targeted psychotherapy and holistic support services, Renewing Mindsets is the premier choice for the Philadelphia area and beyond. Their specialized expertise, convenience and dedication to serving each individual propels life-changing understand and well-managed neurodiversity.

Contact Renewing Mindsets today at (484) 948-5400 or via to take the first step towards empowerment, validation and achieving your fullest potential regardless of mental health journey. Their team looks forward to assisting you along the path of wellness.

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