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Comprehensive Neurodiverse Care Throughout the Lifespan in Philadelphia, the Main Line & Online

Expert ADHD testing in Philadelphia with Renewing Mindsets assesses symptoms in women, men and kids for proper diagnosis and personalized care.

For individuals seeking specialized ADHD evaluations, medication management, therapy or psychiatric follow-up throughout Greater Philadelphia, Renewing Mindsets stands as the premier choice. Led by Sharon B., PMHNP, their highly trained team guides individuals of all backgrounds and developmental stages in effectively addressing neurodevelopmental concerns.

Convenient Accessibility in Center City and Beyond

  • Two accessible office locations in Center City Philadelphia and on the Main Line

  • Virtual care also available for added convenience throughout the region

  • Prompt appointments with licensed experts experienced in diverse presentations

Gold Standard Comprehensive ADHD Evaluations

  • Multi-method assessments incorporating clinical interviews, rating scales from patients and collateral sources

  • In-depth cognitive and academic testing to distinguish unique profiles

  • Thorough review of records and developmental history

  • Patient-centered time ensures full understanding for targeted treatment planning

Nuanced Expertise Across the Lifespan

  • Decades of combined experience serving individuals ages 2 through 82 and beyond

  • Assessments evaluate impairments versus hyperactivity alone for older adults

  • Treatment evolves to address responsibilities, relationships and priorities at each stage

Recognizing Diverse Gender Presentations

  • Extensive gender-responsive training considers subtle female-common signs

  • Clinicians skillfully differentiate ADHD from anxiety or depression

  • Validation empowers those facing challenges previously dismissed due to neurodiversity

Coordinated Medical and Therapeutic Support

  • Board-certified providers carefully monitor any prescribed medications when indicated

  • Licensed therapists employ evidence-based CBT strategies and organization techniques

  • Individualized support guides independent living and lifestyle skill-building

From ADHD testing in Philadelphia to Main Line medication refills and psychiatric follow-ups, Renewing Mindsets leads the way in personalized, compassionate care. Contact (484) 948-5400 or for consultations validating concerns and empowering wellness throughout life's stages.

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