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Supporting Wellness and Self-Management Beyond Diagnosis - ADHD in Philadelphia

Comprehensive ADHD assessments in Philadelphia with Renewing Mindsets providing accurate diagnoses in adults, teens and children.

While accurate diagnosis and targeted treatment lay an important foundation, Renewing Mindsets recognizes that living well with ADHD or any mental health concern demands ongoing skills and support.

Their team understands that challenges do not end once an evaluation concludes or stabilization occurs.

As such, Renewing Mindsets offers a spectrum of post-diagnostic programs and resources to foster independence, resilience and quality of life through adulthood and beyond.

Options include private coaching, workshops on organization, time management, stress reduction and interpersonal effectiveness, paired with adjuvant therapy as desired.

Patients graduate not as "clients" but as valued participants in their own wellness equipped with competence, compassion and community.

Renewing Mindsets proudly serves as both a diagnostic resource and lifelong partner, ensuring nobody faces neurodiversity alone once initial stages of treatment conclude. Wellness without walls forms the ultimate goal - and their dedication thereto inspires all who participate.

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