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Transformative ADHD Testing & Treatment in Philadelphia and the Main Line

Philadelphia's top psychiatrists provide thorough ADHD testing, uncovering disorders in women, men, and children.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a common neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by challenges with inattention, hyperactivity, impulsivity and disorganization. While frequently diagnosed in childhood, ADHD persists into adulthood in a majority of cases. However, many struggle for years before getting an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment. Proper testing is the critical first step in shifting mindsets and unlocking each individual's potential.

At Renewing Mindsets, we provide comprehensive ADHD assessments, diagnosis and individualized treatment planning. Our team of specialists empower those with ADHD to understand how their minds work so they can build skills, strategies and systems for personal growth and fulfillment. Read on to learn more about our life-changing services.

The Power of Accurate ADHD Testing

Receiving an ADHD diagnosis often comes as a relief, finally providing answers to lifelong difficulties. But not all evaluations are equally thorough. A multi-faceted clinical assessment is key for understanding your unique impairments and guiding optimal treatment planning. Here is what sets Renewing Mindsets' ADHD testing apart:

  • ADHD specialists - Our providers diagnose and treat ADHD, ensuring expertise.

  • Objective analysis - We utilize rating scales, cognitive testing, historical data for data-driven insights, not just subjective impressions.

  • Holistic approach - Our comprehensive process examines neuropsychological, academic, psychological, and medical factors related to ADHD.

  • Identify comorbidities - We screen for over 50 medical and psychological conditions that could mimic or co-occur with ADHD to clarify diagnosis.

  • Assess many areas - Testing explores a broad range of ADHD-related impairments encompassing executive functioning, learning, social skills, emotional regulation, focus, organization and more.

  • Personalized recommendations - Our reports provide customized treatment suggestions tailored to each patient's unique ADHD profile and goals.

Our high-quality testing provides clarity, validation and a roadmap for treatment so you can move forward with confidence.

How an ADHD Diagnosis Shifts Perspective

Receiving an ADHD diagnosis often generates a mix of emotions - grief, relief, optimism. Ultimately it leads to shifting mindsets in a more positive direction.

  • From: Something is inherently wrong with me

  • To: I have a real medical condition I can manage

  • From: I'm fundamentally flawed

  • To: My brain is just wired differently

  • From: I'm stupid and lazy

  • To: I have strengths and talents ADHD obscures

While the diagnostic process involves complex feelings, you'll look back on it as a turning point to a brighter future.

Integrative Treatment Planning After Diagnosis

Our accurate testing provides the foundation for developing customized treatment strategies. Though medication is highly effective for core symptoms, a combination approach is optimal:

  • Medication management - We help find the right stimulant or non-stimulant medications and optimal dosing.

  • Lifestyle adjustments - We provide guidance on sleep, nutrition, exercise and stress reduction tailored to ADHD.

  • Psychotherapy - We address negative thought patterns through CBT and regulate emotions via emotion-focused therapy.

  • ADHD coaching - We offer educational groups and teach organizational/planning skills to compensate for deficits.

  • Strength-based learning - We emphasize accentuating innate abilities to promote confidence and success in school and careers.

By combining targeted treatments, we help minimize weaknesses and maximize strengths for living a fulfilling life with ADHD.

Why Choose Renewing Mindsets for ADHD Care?

Getting an accurate ADHD diagnosis and effective treatment starts with finding the right provider. Here are key reasons to choose Renewing Mindsets:

  • ADHD focused - We exclusively diagnose and treat ADHD, with locations in Philadelphia and the Main Line suburbs.

  • Experienced specialists - Our providers have extensive training and expertise in evidence-based ADHD evaluation and care.

  • Holistic approach - We emphasize integrative treatment drawing on medical, psychological, educational and lifestyle interventions.

  • Compassionate care - We build collaborative relationships with patients and take time to explain diagnosis and treatment options.

  • Objective progress monitoring - We utilize rating scales and cognitive testing to track treatment outcomes.

To learn more or schedule an appointment, call us today at (484)-948-5400 or visit our website at

Gaining Confidence and Success After an ADHD Diagnosis

One of the most damaging impacts of undiagnosed ADHD is diminished self-esteem. Effective treatment helps restore academic and social confidence. We help ADHD kids thrive by providing:

  • Classroom accommodations for their neurodiverse learning needs

  • Access to special education services and evidence-based interventions

  • Technology tools to improve organization, focus and task initiation

  • Social skills training tailored to capitalize on strengths

  • Medication when warranted to improve concentration and self-control

  • Strengths-based learning strategies suited to their neurology

  • Supportive coaching for parents on effective ADHD parenting approaches

With proper understanding and supports, children with ADHD shift from challenged to gifted as their innate abilities emerge. Adult relationships also blossom through therapy and education that fosters self-acceptance and understanding from loved ones.

Finding Hope Through the ADHD Diagnosis Journey

Getting an ADHD diagnosis often feels overwhelming initially. However, identifying the root cause of lifelong struggles provides direction toward solutions. Our testing validates your condition while illuminating strengths.

While ADHD can't be cured, it can be successfully managed through individualized treatment approaches aimed at maximizing strengths and minimizing weaknesses. We provide the insight that differences do not equal defects.

From accurate diagnosis comes confidence. From personalized treatment comes lifelong strategies for relationships, schooling, and careers aligned with your unique needs and abilities. From new community comes friendship and support. The ADHD diagnosis journey leads to reaching your full potential.

To learn more or schedule an appointment, call us today at (484)-948-5400 or visit our website at

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