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What is ADHD vs. ADD? ADHD Testing Experts in Philadelphia & Main Line

Discover Renewing Mindsets' unwavering commitment to holistic mental health, providing ADHD testing, evaluations, and diagnosis, paired with psychotherapy, medication management, and anxiety/depression services in Philadelphia and on the Main Line.

Affordable ADHD Testing in Philadelphia with Renewing Mindsets

It's easy to be overwhelmed when you suspect that you or a loved one might have ADHD. At Renewing Mindsets, we strive to minimize that feeling. When it comes to ADHD testing, our pricing starts at just $225, ensuring that it is affordable and accessible. We currently have immediate availability for testing new patients in Philadelphia. By setting up your ADHD testing appointment today through our website, you'll make the first step towards understanding your condition and working towards improving your life.

Understanding ADHD

ADHD, standing for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, is a neurodevelopmental disorder that often begins in childhood and can continue into adulthood. It's characterized by symptoms such as inattention, impulsivity, and hyperactivity. It's important to note that these symptoms are significantly more severe than the norm for the individual's age and development level. If you've noticed these symptoms in yourself or a close relative, it might be time to seek a professional ADHD evaluation.

ADHD and ADD: The Difference

You might have often encountered ADD and ADHD being used interchangeably. The main difference between the two lies in the presence or absence of hyperactivity. ADD, or Attention Deficit Disorder, typically doesn't involve the hyperactivity component, making individuals more likely to appear spacey or daydreamy, rather than noticeably active or disruptive. Here at Renewing Mindsets, we can conduct ADHD testing to accurately determine the presence or absence of hyperactivity, allowing for an accurate diagnosis.

Recognizing ADHD in Adults

While ADHD is usually diagnosed in childhood, many adults live with the disorder undiagnosed. Adult ADHD often presents differently from childhood ADHD, making it essential to get tested if you suspect you might have the condition. From chronic lateness and forgetfulness to issues managing stress and difficulty focusing on tasks, understanding your symptoms could pave the way for improvement in work and personal relationships. At Renewing Mindsets, we conduct ADHD testing for adults, giving you peace of mind in knowing exactly what you're dealing with.

The ADHD Diagnostic Process

Wondering how ADHD is diagnosed? The process typically involves several steps, starting with a detailed clinical interview where we ask about symptoms' nature, duration, and impact on your life. After that, we might also conduct other evaluation forms, including a physical exam to rule out other causes for your symptoms, psychological tests to evaluate learning style, and discussions with significant others in your life. At Renewing Mindsets, our ADHD testing in Philadelphia can help you get an accurate diagnosis and develop a personalized treatment plan without medication.

ADHD Testing in Philadelphia with Renewing Mindsets

Looking for a reliable place for ADHD testing in Philadelphia? You're in the right place. At Renewing Mindsets, we provide a range of services for those dealing with ADHD, anxiety, or depression in the Philadelphia area. Our team of experienced psychotherapists ensures that your ADHD evaluation is conducted with complete confidentiality.

How ADHD Testing Can Improve Your Life

Getting tested for ADHD can significantly improve your life. Once diagnosed, you unlock the doorway to understanding your symptoms and learning how to manage them effectively. This newfound knowledge can bring about improvement in various aspects of your life, including your work and personal relationships. By taking the bold step to schedule ADHD testing in Philadelphia with Renewing Mindsets, you're not just investing in an evaluation but a healthier and more fulfilled life.

At Renewing Mindsets, we consistently aim to offer support, understanding, and guidance for individuals facing ADHD. From our affordable ADHD testing that starts at $225 to our highly experienced staff, we ensure that you're in good hands. Don't let your ADHD symptoms keep you from leading a productive, fulfilling life. Schedule an ADHD testing appointment at our Philadelphia office or online today, and kickstart your journey towards a balanced life.

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