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Women and ADHD: Finding Answers and Renewal at Renewing Mindsets in Philadelphia and the Main Line

Get answers from Philadelphia ADHD testing experts, informing treatment plans with medication management and psychotherapy.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a common neurodevelopmental condition characterized by challenges with sustaining focus, controlling impulses, managing restless energy and organizing tasks. Historically viewed as mainly impacting boys and men, we now recognize ADHD affects women equally. However, the condition frequently goes undetected and undertreated in women, leading to impaired functioning and unreached potential.

At Renewing Mindsets, we specialize in thorough ADHD testing and comprehensive treatment tailored to women and girls. Our team of female ADHD specialists takes the time to carefully evaluate the unique ways ADHD presents in women. We then craft integrative treatment plans to help them understand their minds so they can thrive.

ADHD Testing Designed for Women

ADHD testing requires a specialized approach in women because symptoms often manifest differently than in males. While boys tend to exhibit outward hyperactivity and impulsivity, women commonly struggle more with:

  • Inattention, disorganization and forgetfulness

  • Chronic lateness and difficulty finishing tasks

  • Low motivation, inner restlessness and mental frenzy

  • Moodiness, emotional sensitivity and stress overwhelm

Our ADHD specialists have extensive expertise accurately identifying and diagnosing the nuanced ways ADHD affects women and girls. We conduct multi-faceted evaluations incorporating clinical interviews, rating scales, cognitive testing and third-party perspectives. This comprehensive process leads to proper diagnosis so that women don't suffer needlessly without treatment.

Integrative Treatment Tailored to Women's Needs

Once diagnosed, we develop holistic treatment plans aligned with each woman’s symptom presentation, lifestyle and goals. While medication is often included, our approach addresses the whole woman through:

Medication Management - We help find optimal ADHD medications and dosing to minimize side effects. We carefully track progress over time.

Lifestyle Adjustments - We offer guidance on sleep, exercise, nutrition and stress reduction tailored to the ADHD brain to enhance daily functioning.

Psychotherapy - We address ADHD-related issues like negative thought patterns, emotional dysregulation, disorganization and relationship problems through counseling approaches like CBT and emotion-focused therapy.

ADHD Coaching - We teach organization strategies, run educational groups, and provide parenting guidance to help women capitalize on strengths and compensate for deficits.

Holistic Wellness - We encourage activities like mindfulness, yoga, nature time, massage and creative expression to support healing on all levels.

By combining evidence-based treatments with compassionate support, we empower women to manage ADHD challenges, embrace neurodiversity and thrive.

Common Signs of ADHD in Women

While ADHD symptoms overlap between genders, certain characteristics are more frequently seen in women. Consider an ADHD evaluation if you relate to several of these:

  • Extreme disorganization and forgetfulness

  • Restlessness and feeling internally rushed

  • Difficulty completing tasks and following through

  • Chronic lateness

  • Frequently misplacing items

  • Extreme emotional sensitivity and mood swings

  • Easily overwhelmed by stress

  • Impulse shopping/spending or substance misuse

  • Low motivation and severe procrastination

  • Poor sleep and neglecting self-care

  • Relationship conflicts over reliability

If these symptoms significantly impair work, relationships or daily life, testing can provide clarity. Our compassionate specialists will listen to your struggles and help you find answers and relief.

The Benefits of Testing and Treatment at Renewing Mindsets

Seeking help shows courage and commitment to self-care. At Renewing Mindsets, clients report feeling:

  • Validated - finally there are explanations beyond being scatterbrained.

  • Understood - symptoms have logical causes you can now manage.

  • Hopeful - tailored treatment strategies create paths to reach your potential.

  • Supported - our team provides expertise and emotional backing.

  • Relieved - medication and therapy provide tangible tools to thrive.

  • Confident - treatment allows your talents and gifts to shine through.

Don't struggle alone. Call us at (484)-948-5400 to learn more or schedule an appointment. Renewing mindsets renews lives.

Finding a Specialist for Women with ADHD in Philadelphia and the Main Line

Here are tips for finding the right provider to evaluate and treat ADHD in women and girls:

  • Search directories like Psychology Today filtering by gender, ADHD expertise and location.

  • Look for those who publish, speak or belong to groups related to women with ADHD, signalling special interest.

  • Ask prospective providers about their experience diagnosing and treating females with ADHD and any common patterns they observe.

  • Get referrals from therapists or doctors familiar with your symptoms who can direct you to appropriate specialists.

  • Verify licenses - you want someone like a psychologist, psychiatrist or pediatrician.

  • Check online reviews and feedback about their process, expertise and bedside manner.

The right specialist for your needs is out there. With improved understanding and proper treatment, a brighter future awaits. You deserve to thrive!

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