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Women and ADHD: Finding Answers at Renewing Mindsets in Philadelphia and the Main Line

ADHD testing for women in Philadelphia with Renewing Mindsets evaluates how symptoms present in girls and females for proper diagnosis and care.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a common neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by challenges with focusing, sitting still, controlling impulses and organizing tasks. While historically considered a “male” condition, we now recognize ADHD affects women and girls equally. However, it frequently goes undetected and undertreated in females, leading to impaired functioning across life domains.

At Renewing Mindsets, we specialize in comprehensive ADHD testing and tailored treatment for women and girls. Our team of female ADHD specialists takes the time to thoroughly evaluate the unique presentations of ADHD in women. We then craft integrative treatment plans to provide clarity, validation and pathways to reaching one’s potential.

Why ADHD Testing is Critical for Women

  • ADHD often manifests differently in women than men, with less external hyperactivity and more internal restlessness, disorganization, and inattention. This leads to frequent under-diagnosis.

  • Thorough, multi-modal ADHD testing is crucial for accurately identifying ADHD in women.

  • Clinical interviews

  • Rating scales

  • Cognitive testing

  • Information from loved ones

  • Proper diagnosis provides validation and allows women to get the treatment they need to thrive. Missed or inaccurate diagnosis means needless suffering.

  • Our ADHD specialists have extensive expertise in recognizing how ADHD presents in women and girls. We provide answers.

Tailored, Integrative Treatment at Renewing Mindsets

  • While medication is often included, our approach addresses the whole woman through:

  • Medication management

  • Lifestyle adjustments

  • Psychotherapy

  • ADHD coaching

  • Holistic wellness activities

  • We craft customized treatment plans aligned with each woman's unique symptom profile, lifestyle and goals.

  • Our compassionate support empowers women to understand, manage and embrace their neurodiversity.

  • We combine evidence-based therapies and medication with emotional backing on your journey.

Signs of ADHD in Women and Girls

Consider an ADHD evaluation if you relate to several of these common symptoms:

  • Extreme distractibility and disorganization

  • Restlessness and internal rush

  • Chronic lateness and difficulty finishing tasks

  • Low motivation and severe procrastination

  • Emotional sensitivity and intensity

  • Easily overwhelmed by stress

  • Relationship conflicts over reliability

Benefits of Testing and Treatment at Renewing Mindsets

Our clients report feeling:

  • Validated - finally there are explanations

  • Understood - symptoms have logical causes you can manage

  • Hopeful - treatment strategies create paths to reach potential

  • Supported - our team provides expertise and emotional backing

  • Relieved - medication and therapy provide tangible tools to thrive

  • Confident - your talents and gifts emerge

Finding the Right Specialist for You

Tips for identifying the right provider:

  • Search directories filtering by women's ADHD specialization

  • Look for those with expertise speaking and writing on female ADHD

  • Ask about their experience diagnosing and treating women and girls

  • Get referrals from doctors familiar with your symptoms

  • Verify licenses like psychotherapist, psychologist, psychiatrist or pediatrician

  • Read reviews on bedside manner and process

You deserve clarity, answers and a chance to thrive! Call us at (484)-948-5400.

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