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University & Graduate Students With ADHD

Navigating mental health care can be overwhelming, but Renewing Mindsets is here to help. Located in Main Line, Pennsylvania, our team led by a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner offers ADHD testing, medication management, and psychotherapy services. Trust us to provide compassionate care and expert guidance for all your mental health needs.

Discover Your Best Self: Expert ADHD Testing in Philadelphia Starting at $255

Tailored ADHD Assessments,

Rapid ADHD Testing Appointments, & Expert Strategies

At Renewing Mindsets, we specialize in comprehensive ADHD testing, evaluations, ADHD diagnosis and medication management, offering personalized assessments for our clients in Philadelphia & Main Line.


What to Expect:
  • Swift Appointments: Schedule your in-person ADHD test and secure an appointment within 3 days.

  • Transparent Pricing: Our testing starts at $255, providing a breakdown of what's included for your clarity.

  • Thorough Assessment: Identify ADHD symptoms and their impact, with tailored evaluations considering age, gender, and coexisting conditions.

  • Guidance & Strategies: Gain professional insights into effective strategies and treatments based on your assessment results.

Ready to Begin Your Journey? Book your ADHD test now for prompt results and personalized guidance. Click "Schedule an Appointment" to secure your ADHD testing session.

Philadelphia ADHD Testing
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Helping College & Graduate Students With ADHD & ADD

Is ADHD affecting your day-to-day life as a college or graduate student? Sharon B. specializes in providing assistance to individuals with ADHD, offering valuable support and guidance to help them thrive academically and personally.

Sharon B. is a professional who can provide valuable assistance to clients with ADHD who are in college or graduate school. With her expertise, she can help these individuals navigate the challenges they may face due to ADHD and provide support tailored to their specific needs. By incorporating optimized keywords related to ADHD testing and evaluations, Sharon B. can attract clients in Philadelphia who are seeking ADHD testing services.

Understanding ADHD in

College &Graduate Students:

Many college and graduate students with ADHD face unique challenges that can impact their performance and overall well-being. Sharon B. recognizes the importance of addressing these challenges and offers specialized services to help students overcome them.


ADHD Medication Management

If necessary, Sharon B. can prescribe ADHD medication to help manage symptoms. She closely monitors the effectiveness of the medication and adjusts the treatment plan as needed to ensure optimal results. With her expertise in medication management, she can guide professionals and executives with ADHD in finding the right medication and dosage to effectively manage their symptoms and enhance their overall functioning.

Academic Support &
Skill Development

Sharon B. assists students in developing effective strategies for managing their ADHD symptoms in an academic setting. This may involve improving time management skills, enhancing organizational techniques, and implementing strategies to improve focus and concentration.

Sharon B. recognizes that students with ADHD may benefit from developing specific skills to improve their performance and productivity. She can assist clients in enhancing their time management, organization, and planning skills. By setting up structures and accountability systems, Sharon B. helps reduce procrastination and increase productivity. Through skill development, individuals can better navigate the demands of their professional lives and achieve their goals.

Student in the reading room

Emotional Support

College and graduate students with ADHD may experience emotional challenges related to their condition. Sharon B. provides a supportive and understanding environment where students can discuss their concerns, learn coping mechanisms, and address any co-occurring symptoms of anxiety or depression.

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ADHD Support & Guidance
For A Work-Life Balance

Balancing academic responsibilities with personal life can be particularly challenging for students with ADHD. Sharon B. helps students develop strategies to achieve a healthy work-life balance, reducing stress and enhancing overall well-being.

Sharon B. is a passionate advocate for mental health and believes in empowering her clients to make the right decisions for themselves. Throughout the treatment process, she provides ongoing support and guidance, ensuring that professionals and executives with ADHD feel confident, secure, and supported. With her compassionate approach, Sharon B. creates a safe and nurturing environment for clients to work through their mental health challenges and achieve their desired outcomes.

Think You Have ADHD?

Think You Have ADHD?

Top Questions College and Graduate Students with ADHD Incur

College and graduate students with ADHD often have specific questions and concerns related to their condition. At Renewing Mindsets, we understand the challenges faced by these students and aim to provide comprehensive support. Our services include answering common questions, evaluating for ADHD and ADD diagnoses, and assisting with medication management if necessary. 

How can I manage my ADHD symptoms effectively in college?

  • Strategies for time management and organization 

  • Techniques for improving focus and concentration 

  • Tips for reducing distractions and creating a conducive study environment 

  • Utilizing assistive technologies and tools 

  • Seeking support from campus resources, such as disability services 

Is it possible to succeed academically with ADHD?

  • Understanding individual strengths and learning styles 

  • Developing effective study habits and routines 

  • Seeking academic accommodations, such as extended time for exams 

  • Utilizing support networks, such as study groups or tutoring services 

  • Managing stress and prioritizing self-care 



How can I disclose my ADHD to professors and classmates?

  • Understanding your rights and protections under disability laws 

  • Considering the benefits of disclosure, such as accessing accommodations 

  • Communicating with professors about your needs and potential challenges 

  • Educating classmates about ADHD to foster understanding and support 

  • Seeking guidance from campus disability services or counseling centers 


What are the available treatment options for ADHD in college?

  • Evaluating the need for medication and consulting with healthcare professionals 

  • Exploring non-medication interventions, such as therapy or coaching 

  • Developing personalized strategies for managing symptoms 

  • Regularly monitoring and adjusting treatment plans as needed 

  • Seeking ongoing support from mental health professionals 

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Comprehensive ADHD Evaluations,
ADD Evaluations & ADHD Services 

At Renewing Mindsets, we understand the unique challenges faced by college and graduate students with ADHD. We offer comprehensive services to assist you in evaluating and managing your ADHD:

  1. ADHD evaluation and diagnosis: Our experienced professionals can conduct thorough assessments to determine if you have ADHD or related conditions. We use evidence-based diagnostic tools and techniques to provide accurate and reliable results.

  2. Medication management: If necessary, we can work with you to develop an individualized medication management plan. Our team of experts will monitor your progress, adjust dosages if needed, and provide ongoing support to ensure optimal treatment outcomes.

  3. Coaching and support: We offer personalized coaching and support services to help you navigate the challenges of ADHD in your academic life. Our trained professionals can provide strategies, tools, and techniques to enhance your productivity, time management, and overall well-being.

  4. Workshops and resources: We provide workshops and educational resources specifically tailored to college and graduate students with ADHD. These resources cover topics such as workplace accommodations, self-advocacy, and stress management.

Think You May
Have ADHD?

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ADHD Screener

Discover Clarity:
Renewing Mindsets' ADHD Quiz 
Your Guide to Understanding

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  3. Rethinking ADHD In The Workplace
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Renewing Mindsets, based in Philadelphia & Main Line locations, provides compassionate and dedicated mental healthcare services to the city's diverse communities. Led by Sharon B., an experienced psychiatric nurse practitioner, Renewing Mindsets assists adolescents, teens and adults in the Philadelphia area who are struggling with mental health conditions like anxiety, ADHD and depression. With over 20 years of psychiatric expertise gained at the prestigious Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Sharon is devoted to providing personalized care that meets the unique needs of each patient in the Philadelphia & Main Line area. Her specialized knowledge helps guide patients in Philadelphia along their mental health journey with empathy and support. Renewing Mindsets assists Philadelphia patients to better understand and manage mental health struggles through tailored psychotherapy and medication management approaches.

By centering their practice in Philadelphia, Renewing Mindsets offers a nurturing environment right in the heart of the city for patients to feel safe, secure and confident while working to improve their mental wellbeing. Sharon strives to provide the dedicated care and attention each Philadelphia resident deserves, creating customized treatment plans catered to their specific circumstances and goals. Her mission is to ensure every patient in Philadelphia is equipped with the tools and knowledge to live a balanced, healthy lifestyle. With a passion for serving Philadelphia's mental health community, Sharon draws on her wealth of experience to assist adolescents, teens and adults throughout the city. Her compassionate approach focuses on understanding the whole patient and their unique needs, not just symptoms, to foster positive outcomes. Renewing Mindsets provides the expertise, care and support Philadelphia patients need to overcome mental health challenges.

As a Philadelphia-based practice, Renewing Mindsets delivers specialized psychiatric services tailored to the diverse needs of patients in the city. Led by Sharon's expertise and compassion, Renewing Mindsets assists individuals struggling with common conditions like anxiety, depression and ADHD throughout Philadelphia. Her patient-centered approach promotes confidence and comfort for Philadelphia residents working to improve their mental health. By centering their services in Philadelphia, Renewing Mindsets provides the city with dedicated mental healthcare from an experienced specialist. Sharon's 20+ years of psychiatric experience enables her to offer specialized care that assists Philadelphia patients in better understanding and managing mental health conditions. Sharon dedicates herself to compassionate listening and tailored treatment plans that set her diverse Philadelphia patients up for success.

With a nurturing and welcoming environment in Philadelphia, Renewing Mindsets assists patients across the city along their mental health journey with expertise, empathy and support. Sharon's mission is to equip each Philadelphia patient with the knowledge and tools to live a fulfilling, balanced life. Establishing their practice in the heart of Philadelphia, Renewing Mindsets recognizes the critical need for accessible and compassionate mental health services within the city. Sharon brings her expertise to the communities that need it most, providing a centrally located sanctuary for Philadelphia residents seeking support and guidance through mental health struggles. Whether it be anxiety, depression, ADHD or any number of conditions, Renewing Mindsets opens its doors for all, dedicated to destigmatizing and demystifying mental healthcare.

Renewing Mindsets offers more than skilled psychotherapy and counseling for those in need - it provides Philadelphia with the gift of hope. Sharon's thoughtful, empathetic approach instills patients with the self-confidence required to envision a balanced life free from judgment and shame. Her practice says to all who walk through its doors "you are worthy of feeling whole". For over 20 years, Renewing Mindsets and Sharon have made it their mission to realize that vision of hope and health for Philadelphia. The team at Renewing Mindsets recognizes that the key to true healing lies in understanding each patient's unique story. While bringing expertise and proven techniques, they know that no two people's journeys are the same. Renewing Mindsets takes the time to listen and learn, crafting customized treatment plans tailored to the individual's needs, culture, and identity. Their focus remains on sustaining the progress made in Philadelphia, not just temporary relief. Lasting transformation comes when care is collaborative.

At Renewing Mindsets, adolescents, teens and adults in Philadelphia find the safety net and nurturing environment they need to work through mental health struggles. Sharon offers guidance without judgment, equipping patients with practical coping skills and knowledge to take control of their wellbeing. Her comprehensive psychiatry and psychotherapy services instill self-confidence and resiliency within Philadelphia's communities. Renewing Mindsets empowers patients to realize lasting change.

Renewing Mindsets

Sharon is a Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP) in Philadelphia, serving clients in Center City and the Philadelphia Main Line area, including Ardmore, Berwyn, Bryn Mawr, Devon, Easttown Township, Gladwyne, Haverford, Haverford Township, Lower Merion Township, Malvern, Merion, Narberth, Radnor, Radnor Township, Rosemont, Strafford, St. Davids, Tredyffrin Township, Villanova, Wynnewood, Wayne, Delaware County, Chester County Pa., and Montgomery Counties, as well as King Of Prussia. To learn more about treatment and evaluation for adult ADHD in Philadelphia, please reach out today. Sharon is also serving clients in Center City and the surrounding Philadelphia neighborhoods. Some additional Main Line and suburban Philadelphia areas served include Broomall in Delaware County, Newtown Square in Delaware County as well as West Chester, Elverson and Phoenixville in Chester County.

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