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Women and ADHD: Finding Answers in Philadelphia and the Main Line

Explore expert ADHD testing options available in Philadelphia, the Main Line, Delaware County, Bucks County, Montgomery County, and Chester County, offering thorough evaluations and tailored treatment strategies.

Navigating ADHD Testing & Treatment for Women: Renewing Mindsets Offers Tailored Support

Are you a woman in Philadelphia struggling with ADHD symptoms? Despite common misconceptions, ADHD affects women as much as men, but it often goes unnoticed and untreated. Renewing Mindsets specializes in comprehensive ADHD testing and personalized treatment plans designed specifically for women. Our team of female ADHD specialists is dedicated to understanding the unique ways ADHD manifests in women and crafting holistic solutions to help them thrive.

Understanding ADHD Testing Designed for Women

Testing for ADHD in women requires a specialized approach due to differences in symptom presentation compared to men. While hyperactivity and impulsivity may be more evident in boys, women often experience challenges with:

  1. Inattention, disorganization, and forgetfulness

  2. Chronic lateness and difficulty completing tasks

  3. Low motivation, inner restlessness, and emotional sensitivity

  4. Mood swings, stress overwhelm, and impulse control

Our ADHD specialists conduct thorough evaluations using a variety of methods, including clinical interviews, rating scales, and cognitive testing. This comprehensive approach ensures accurate diagnosis and personalized treatment plans tailored to each woman's needs.

Comprehensive ADHD Treatment Tailored to Women's Needs

Once diagnosed, we develop holistic treatment plans that address the unique challenges faced by women with ADHD. Our approach includes:

  1. Medication Management: Finding the right ADHD medications and dosages to minimize side effects and track progress over time.

  2. Lifestyle Adjustments: Offering guidance on sleep, exercise, nutrition, and stress reduction to enhance daily functioning.

  3. Psychotherapy: Addressing ADHD-related issues such as negative thought patterns and relationship problems through counseling approaches like CBT and emotion-focused therapy.

  4. ADHD Coaching: Teaching organization strategies, running educational groups, and providing parenting guidance to capitalize on strengths and compensate for deficits.

  5. Holistic Wellness: Encouraging activities like mindfulness, yoga, and creative expression to support healing on all levels.

By combining evidence-based treatments with compassionate support, we empower women to manage ADHD challenges, embrace neurodiversity, and thrive.

Common Signs of ADHD in Women

While ADHD symptoms can overlap between genders, certain characteristics are more frequently seen in women. Consider an ADHD evaluation if you relate to several of these:

  • Extreme disorganization and forgetfulness

  • Restlessness and feeling internally rushed

  • Difficulty completing tasks and following through

  • Chronic lateness and frequently misplacing items

  • Emotional sensitivity, mood swings, and stress overwhelm

  • Impulse shopping/spending or substance misuse

  • Low motivation, severe procrastination, and neglecting self-care

If these symptoms significantly impair your work, relationships, or daily life, seeking testing can provide clarity and relief. Our compassionate specialists are here to listen to your struggles and help you find answers.

Benefits of ADHD Testing and ADHD Treatment at Renewing Mindsets

Seeking help for ADHD demonstrates courage and commitment to self-care. Clients at Renewing Mindsets often report feeling:

  • Validated: Finally having explanations beyond being scatterbrained

  • Understood: Symptoms having logical causes that can now be managed

  • Hopeful: Tailored treatment strategies creating paths to reach potential

  • Supported: Expertise and emotional backing provided by our team

  • Relieved: Medication and therapy offering tangible tools for thriving

  • Confident: Treatment allowing talents and gifts to shine through

Don't struggle alone. Call us at (484)-948-5400 to learn more or schedule an appointment. Renewing Mindsets is here to renew lives.

Finding a Specialist for Women with ADHD in Philadelphia and the Main Line

Finding the right provider to evaluate and treat ADHD in women requires careful consideration. Here are some tips:

  • Search directories like Psychology Today, filtering by gender, ADHD expertise, and location.

  • Look for providers who publish, speak, or belong to groups related to women with ADHD.

  • Ask prospective providers about their experience diagnosing and treating females with ADHD.

  • Get referrals from therapists or doctors familiar with your symptoms.

  • Verify licenses and check online reviews and feedback about their expertise and bedside manner.

The right specialist for your needs is out there. With improved understanding and proper treatment, a brighter future awaits. You deserve to thrive!

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  • Do you accept insurance?
    Hi, we do accept insurance with certain providers for most services including: - Optum Behavioral Health - Oscar Circle Plus - Oscar Health Plan - Oscar Small Group Plan - Medicare - PA DSNP - United Behavioral Health General - Veterans Affairs Coordinated Care - Network MAMSI OneNet - PPO MAMSI Worker's Compensation *Please not that for our ADHD testing services we do not accept insurance. We do however accept HSA, FSA, credit, debit and cash.
  • How much is a consultation?
    Hi, if you visit our schedule an appointment section of the website, you will be able to see our appointment availabilities as well as the pricing on each consultation. Pricing starts at $95.
  • How does the ADHD testing work?
    Hi, the information for the ADHD testing is in our ADHD section, it includes ADHD evaluation, ADHD diagnosis and ADHD treatment information in depth. You can schedule and ADHD consultation via the schedule an appointment section of the website.
  • How can I schedule an appointment?
    Hi, if you visit our schedule an appointment section of the website, you will be able to see our appointment availabilities as well as the pricing on each consultation. Pricing starts at $95.
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If you're seeking ADHD testing near me in Philadelphia or the main line, Pennsylvania, Renewing Mindsets is your go-to destination.


Offering a range of services including ADHD testing, anxiety management, depression treatment, psychotherapy, and medication management, Renewing Mindsets provides comprehensive support for individuals grappling with various mental health challenges. If you are seeking anxiety services near me in Philadelphia & the Main Line, or depression services near me in Philadelphia & the Main Line. Their expert team is dedicated to delivering personalized care and guidance to help individuals navigate their ADHD symptoms and other mental health concerns with understanding and compassion.

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